Managing Director has started his career in Hospitality sector then there is no looking back. Fashion Global Beverages is a concept raised by Managing Director who took this opportunity to deliver in Fast moving consumer goods.


The mission of (MD, Fashion Global Beverages.) was to create a benchmark within the beverages line.


Apart from this, they have greater status de persona in their social, economic and family spheres. The results show the value and importance of their performance in the Hospitality & FMCG .


The FGB has pooled in endowment and proficiency from varied backgrounds, like Hospitality, FMCG , planning, management, marketing, finance and legal, to efficiently accommodate varied requirements of the clients. One of its key drivers is Managing Director, Fashion Global Beverages.


The highest standards are set by the Fashion Global Beverages in its pursuit to position India on par with the developed economies of the world, and a vision to reach and remain at the commanding heights of Fast Moving Consumers goods.


A refreshingly luxury energy drink, imagined in India, F-88 aspires to bring luxury energy drink to the new world.


As one of the fastest growing in the world, F-88 has built a strong portfolio of essential energy drink and aims to drive the global shift in energy drink towards more colour and flavor.


Established in the summer of 2019 by Fashion Global Beverages and headquartered in New Delhi, F-88 has quickly become the rage amongst urban millennials owing to its delicious energy drink, bold identity and a strong draft network. In 2019, F-88 leaped across to Tier 2 Cities to begin its campaign in the North India. And in 2019, the brand started on its wider expansion in the PAN India market by entering Indian market.

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