F 88 Luxury Fashion Energy Drink

Design ToPlay &

The name ‘f 88’ was specifically chosen to match the brand’s tagline, “Play & Win”, as the number ‘8’ is a symbol of luck and good fortune in many parts of the word, and especially in Asia.


Play & Win” is a state of mind that can be applied to real-life; we all ‘play’ and compete in one way or another and we all want to win. f 88 FASHION ENERGY DRINK is aligned with this message. at the same time, its overall design expresses the aesthetics, glamour, and elegance of fashion global beverages portfolio and brings out the power and confidence necessary to communicate the quality of an upmarket brand.


SuperiorQuality Status &

f 88 FASHION ENERGY DRINK is produced in Austria by a reputable and specialist manufacturer using the best of ingredients and natural Austrian water. This guarantees the product’s superior quality and upmarket positioning.


f 88 LUXURY ENERGY DRINK is based on an improved formula that was specially developed to provide an intense and sustained energy boost for those who lead active and vigorous lifestyles. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and can be enjoyed by itself or as a mixer, from morning to night, at work or leisure, when partying or relaxing.

Refined Taste, PulsatingVitality

The idea to develop this new range of Energy Drinks that would match the refined taste, pulsating vitality & glittering excitement that surrounds the world of Fashion TV and it’s audiences around the world was for sometime nurtured in the mind of Michel Adam, president and founder of Fashion Tv.


We lies in the heart of FTV though is the fun, entertainment and good time that a glamorous party could offer. FTV is synonymous with fashion, glamour, sophistication, beauty and luxury. This pedigree is finally established in f 88 Fashion Energy Drink.


Finesse & Elegance WhenPartying

The f 88 Fashion Energy Drink have been developed and launched into several markets. The idea was to refined the taste that surrounds it’s audiences around the world by offering to the consumers a new proposition in this product category.


It can be enjoyed by itself or a mixer from morning to night, at work or pleasure, when partying or relaxing. It contains no artificial colors, flavours or preservatives and it can be enjoyed straight or as a mixer.

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